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 Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests

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PostSubject: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:52 pm

Cavern of the Stolen Fayth

o------- Item Checklist -------o Talk to Cid and head to the Calm Lands. Get
| | a Chocobo from the person just South of
| Megalixir.............._____ | where you appear and ride to the Northeast
| Lv.2 Key Sphere........_____ | exit. Go across the bridge and down into
| Fortune Sphere........._____ | the valley, then save your game and enter
| Mega-Potion............_____ | the cave to the West. Follow the path
| Mega-Potion............_____ | wherever it goes until you come to a fork
| Al Bhed Primer XXV....._____ | just around the curve. Take the right
| X-Potion..............._____ | (East) path. Open the chest to receive
| X-Potion..............._____ | 'Megalixir' then go back to the fork and
| MP Sphere.............._____ | head North. There's a quick scene in
| Flexible Arm..........._____ | this room. At the 4-way split head East and
| | get the chest containing a 'Lv.2 Key
o------------------------------o Sphere.' Return to the fork and head West.

At the next 4-way split take the North branch. At the end of this branch is a
treasure chest containing 'Fortune Sphere.' Return to the fork and take the
West path. One final 4-way split lies here before the end. Go North to get
two 'Mega-Potion' from the chest, West to find the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XXV'
and East to reach the Save Sphere. Enter the chamber beyond the hall.

| Boss: Yojimbo |
|---------------o--------------| Yojimbo is an extremely easy fight almost
| HP: 35,000 | AP: N/A | matter what point in the game you come to
|---------------+--------------| this place. His dog attacks you for some
| MP: N/A | Gil: N/A | minimal amounts of damage and Yojimbo
|---------------o--------------o himself will attack rarely, but only for
| slightly more damage than his pet. You
| may encounter some problems if you allow his Overdrive bar to fill up
| however even just using normal attacks the whole fight it should barely
| reach half way. Just use attacks and Overdrives to take Yojimbo down easy.

Step onto the panel and face to the East. Press X and you will be teleported
to a small room with two chests, one contains two 'X-Potion' and the other an
'MP Sphere.' To the West there is a single treasure chest with a 'Flexible
Arm' inside. Step back onto the panel and use it to warp yourself to the
North. Watch the scene here. When you are asked what you want, select "To
defeat the most powerful enemies." Now he will give an asking price for his
services. If you pay him what he asks he will join you, if you offer half or
less than what he asks he will turn you away, if you offer in thr middle he
will bargain. Just offer a little tiny bit more than half of what he asks,
and increment that offer by one Gil the next time. Whatever he asks at this
point is probably as low as he will go, and usually stick around just over
200,000 Gil. Once Yojimbo is in your party, go back and step onto the warp
panel. Face South and press X to warp back to the entrance of the cave.


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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Posts : 112
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:53 pm

Zanarkand Cloister of Trials

o------- Item Checklist -------o Return to Zanarkand and run toward the dome
| | and into the temple. There's a quick scene
| Magistral Rod.........._____ | before you enter then all the panels are
| | active again. Step on the lower left,
o------------------------------o middle and upper right panels to activate
three white squares in the first room. Head
to the next room and step on the following panels: From the upper right
corner, go left two and down four. From the upper right corner go left one
and down eight. From the upper left corner go right six and down four.
Lastly from the bottom left corner go right two and up six. Return to the
first chamber and pick up the Destruction Sphere. Return to the large room
and set it into the slot to the right of the main screen where the Besaid
Sphere was before. In the opening is a treasure chest with 'Magistral Rod.'


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:54 pm

Baaj Temple

o------- Item Checklist -------o First things first make sure you are
| | adequately happy with the strength of Tidus,
| Megalixir.............._____ | Wakka and Rikku. Now on your ship head out
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ | of the bridge and speak to Rin, buy 99 Softs
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ | and then make sure Tidus, Wakka and Rikku
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ | have customizable armour. Customize the
| Mega Phoenix..........._____ | Stone Ward ability onto all of their armours
| | because you'll need it. Now go talk to Cid.
o------------------------------o Select the "Search" option and you'll have
free movement of a cursor on the world map.
You can see o nthe left side X and Y coordinates. Position your cursor at
approximately (12,57) which is of course (X,Y). It doesn't have to be exact
but when you press X you will find the Baaj Temple. Select it from your list.

This place should look familiar, it's where you started the game. Run North
to the end of the path and jump off into the water. Start swimming Northeast
for a scene and to trigger a battle with a very familiar face...

| Boss: Geosgaeno |
|---------------o--------------| I assume you took my advice and put Stone
| HP: 32,767 | AP: N/A | Ward on all your equipment because you're
|---------------+--------------| going to need it. Rikku and Wakka's
| MP: 128 | Gil: N/A | Overdrives are useful here but not much
|---------------o--------------o else, though the fight is extremely easy if
| you meet one condition. You have to have
| learned Tidus' Quick Hit skill, and by this point in the game you most
| likely have it already. At the start of the fight caste Haste on Tidus,
| not Hastega unless your other characters are really good at attacking.
| Use Quick Hit every single turn while under the influence of Haste and
| you can likely attack up to five or six times in a row. The really
| annoying part is when the boss decides to suck Tidus into his stomach
| giving him all the helpful spells Tidus had on him like Haste and such.
| At this point you'll really need to speed up your attacks, have your
| other characters ready with Ethers and Elixirs since Quick Hit can drain
| you MP very quickly and finish him off with an Overdrive or something.

Swim underwater toward the green dot on your map and go through the door.
Climb up the rock and head through the double doors. At the lower right hand
corner of this statue room is a chest containing 'Megalixir.' At the lower
left hand corner is one containing four 'Mega Phoenix.' Examine the six
statues then enter the Chamber of the Fayth to the North. Watch the scene
here to get the Anima Aeon for Yuna, the one Seymour always used.

Note: In order to unlock all of the statue seals you must have received the
treasure using the Destruction Sphere from each Cloister of Trials. This
include the Zanarkand one which is outlined in the section above this one.


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:54 pm

Remiem Temple

o------- Item Checklist -------o Head to the Calm Lands and net yourself a
| | Chocobo. Run to the Southwest area and head
| Al Bhed Primer XXIV...._____ | up the entrance path to the East. At the
| Cloudy Mirror.........._____ | East edge you will find a Chocobo Feather on
| Aeon's Soul............_____ | the ground, examine it while riding a
| Flower Scepter........._____ | Chocobo to jump down. Now take the path
| Blossom Crown.........._____ | East to the Remiem Temple. Go across the
| | huge bridge and save your game in front of
o------------------------------o the temple. Now run down the West path and
examine the sphere. Pick up the 'Al Bhed
Primer Vol, XXIV' just above it then run to the other side. There is a
Chocobo standing here, examine it and prepare to ride. Now you need to race
down to the very bottom, it's not that hard at all and just a matter of
practice, though there's no reason you can't do it on your first try. Check
out some of the treasure chests to get a bump down to lower paths on your way,
and basically just run in smaller and smaller circles until you reach the
bottom. For winning you get the 'Cloudy Mirror' as your prize.

Return to the Save Sphere and save your game, then head into the temple.
Belgemine is here, she challenges you to a battle and will fight all her Aeons
one by one. For winning the first battle you receive 'Aeon's Soul' which
allows you to increase your Aeon's attributes. Make sure you have everyone
Aeon you can get up to this point including both Yojimbo and Anima. For
defeating all of Begemine's Aeon's you receive the 'Flower Scepter.' This is
one of the two items you will need to get the most powerful Aeon in the game.
The other is the 'Blossom Crown.' To get this you need to visit the battle
arena owner in the Calm Lands and buy some of his capture weapons. Take these
and capture every single enemy in the Mt. Gagazet area including all the ones
found in the cave at the top. Once you do this the arena owner gives you the
Blossom Crown. Return to the Remiem Temple and use these two special items
and open the way to the most power Aeon(s), the Magus Sisters.


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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Age : 40

PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:55 pm

Airship Treasures

o------- Item Checklist -------o Enter the password GODHAND into the input
| | screen. Now select Mushroom Rock from your
| Godhand................_____ | list of destinations. Head North and you
| Victorious............._____ | will find a chest containing 'Godhand,'
| Murasame..............._____ | Rikku's ultimate weapon. Return to the
| Ascalon................_____ | airship and enter the password VICTORIOUS.
| Phantom Bangle........._____ | Now you can select the Besaid Ruins 1 from
| Dragoon Lance.........._____ | the list. Run around the object and open
| Sonar.................._____ | the chest to receive the 'Victorious.'
| | Return to the airship and put in the final
o------------------------------o password, MURASAME. Now go to the Besaid
Ruins 2. Open the chest here to receive
Auron's 'Murasame' and that's it for passwords, but there's more.

This time select the search option on your airship. Examine the area that is
around (X,Y) coordinates (13,42) approximately. This will unlock the Sanubia
Sands. Head there now and open the treasure chest to receive 'Ascalon.'
Search for the area at around (40,58) to open up the Battle Site. Here you
will find the 'Phantom Bangle' in a chest. Still not done yet. The next
place to check is (31,73) to find Besaid Falls. You start right in front of a
chest with 'Dragoon Lance' inside. The final treasure is located at about
(34,58), it's the Mi'ihen Ruins. Go there and get the 'Sonar' from a chest
that is virtually invisible, just check the left side a lot.


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:57 pm

Omega Ruins

o------- Item Checklist -------o Speak to Cid on the bridge of your Airship
| | and select the search option. Point your
| Al Bhed Primer XXVI...._____ | cursor to approximately (X,Y) coordinates
| Friend Sphere.........._____ | (70,39) on that little patch of ice to
| | discover the Omega Ruins. This is the
o------------------------------o hardest dungeon in the game so don't tackle
it until you think you are fully prepared.
As long as you do feel prepared however, choose your list and head to the
Omega Ruins. There's a save point right behind you, get used to it because
you'll likely be using it a lot. Go forward to the fork and head own the East
path, at the end you will find two chests with random items (or non-random, if
you'd like a much more in-depth view of this nothing, check out the Omega
Ruins FAQ by thgink999 at GameFAQs.) Anyway do whatever you need to do and
return to the entrance, then take the West path. There are three chests at
the end. Follow the path Northeast from these chests. Make a left at the
next fork to find three more chests, then return to the fork and head right.
At this point I'd like to take a minute to note that if you're having trouble
on the Malboro type enemies here who use Bad Breath every time you get into a
fight, I recommend buying 60 Remedies and customizing the Auto Med ability
onto the armour of each of your party members.

Down the slope is a more open area with four chests in a circular pattern.
Just above them is the 'Al Bhed Primer Vol, XXVI.' Run Northwest and down the
slope to the West to find a glyph at the bottom, touch it to make it glow.
Now head back up and go South to where the four chests were, continue South
and at the top of the ramp on your left you will see a glyph in a stone panel,
you may have noticed it on your way by before. Now that the other glyph is
active you can touch this one to fork a path leading South to a single treasre
chest. Now return to the area with four chests. Take the Northeast path and
step onto the platform which will bring you up. Further down the hall is...

| Boss: Ultima Weapon |
|---------------o--------------| It's difficult to give strategies for this
| HP: 75,000 | AP: 40,000 | boss simply because people came to this
|---------------+--------------| area at dramatically different levels.
| MP: 1 | Gil: 20,000 | Personally I levelled up at the entrance
|---------------o--------------o for a little over an hour and ended up
| completely annihilating this boss. The
| trick was equipping the Ascalon on Tidus for double AP, and then once
| he completed his area of the Sphere Grid which didn't take long at all,
| I used a Teleport Sphere to send him over to the end of Auron's section.
| Near the end of Auron's section are so many Strength +4 Spheres that
| combined with the ones he had Tidus was delaing 9999 damage per hit in no
| time. Giving him Haste and using the Quick Hit skill on Ultima Weapon
| was enough to take out half the boss' HP before anyone else even got a
| turn. Ultima Weapon has some pretty powerful attacks, but since you're
| approaching the two hardest bosses in the game you can feel free to use
| those Mega-Potion, Mega Phoenix, and Megalixir items you've hopefully been
| stocking. Lulu's Flare being Doublecasted is also a quick route to
| victory as well, just make sure you save some items for the upcoming
| Two things you may want to do, the first is steal from the boss to get
| some Door to Tomorrow items, and the second is bribe the boss. Bribing
| Ultima weapon is the easiest way to take on this fight, it costs a steep
| 1,400,000 Gil but nets you 99 Pendulums. Well worth it.

Step onto the warp panel to be brought to a new area. In this area there will
be a scripted fight each time you step onto a new platform. Run down two of
them to the West and open the chest to receive 'Friend Sphere.' Now go back
to the entrance and take the Northeast path. Follow it all the way down to
the very end, prepare before taking the upward slope to the coloured smoke.

| Boss: Omega Weapon |
|---------------o--------------| Omega Weapon may not be the hardest boss if
| HP: 99,999 | AP: 50,000 | you take into account all those original
|---------------+--------------| creations at the battle arena, but he's by
| MP: 1 | Gil: 30,000 | no means a pushover. I'll tell you now
|---------------o--------------o that after that same hour - hour and a half
| of leveling Omega Weapon was really no more
| difficult than Ultima. In fact Omega Weapon reacts very similarly to
| Ultima, most of his attacks do about the same amount of damage plus 1000,
| and he's just got Ultima's HP plus 30,000 or so, and that might sound like
| a huge difference, but if you have the ability to deal 9999 with Flare,
| Overdrives or even just normal attacks it's only three turns right? Maybe
| you're even got the ultimate weapons which can break the 9999 barrier, but
| then you don't even need a strategy that's for sure. For the lower
| leveled you may want to resort to Aeons here, pump up their stats with the
| Aeon's Soul customization and come into battle with their Overdrives set
| and Yuna ready for a Grand Summon. Tidus' Slice and Dice is a great way
| to have him deal more than 9999 in a single turn, but the easiest setup
| still remains to caste Hastega and use Quick Hit with both Tidus and
| Auron. If Auron doesn't have quick hit give it to him by using one of the
| Skill Spheres. Go nuts with your items, if you party gets hit with a
| particularly devastating attack, don't hesitate to use Megalixirs and
| other crazy stuff like that. This is Omega Weapon, he must be defeated!
| One final note, be sure to take the time to swap Kimahri into your party,
| by using Lancet he can learn his final Ronso Rage, Nova.


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:58 pm

Auron's Spheres

Name l Location
| Jecht's Sphere l Automatically obtained after defeating Spherimorph
| Jecht's Sphere | Beside the Temple of Besaid
| Jecht's Sphere | On the main bridge of the S.S. Liki
| Jecht's Sphere | Outside the Aurochs changeroom
| Jecht's Sphere | Southeast of the Mi-ihen Mushroom Rock checkpoint
| Jecht's Sphere | Close to save point, beside tent in Moonflow area
| Jecht's Sphere | Eastern side of the Southern Thunder Plains map
| Jecht's Sphere | Down East path from Macalania Woods entrance
| Auron's Sphere | South of huge elevator on Mushroom Rock Road
| Braska's Sphere | Down the thin Northwest path on Mt. Gagazet


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 12:59 pm

Final Weapons

o------- Item Checklist -------o There's a bit of a precursor to getting the
| | final weapons, rather than just going around
| Celestial Mirror......._____ | and picking them up you have to do some
| Caladbolg.............._____ | separate tasks first because even once you
| Sun Crest.............._____ | do get the ultimate weapons, they aren't
| Sun Sigil.............._____ | exactly "ultimate" until you power them up.
| World Champion........._____ | To power them up you will need an item
| Jupiter Crest.........._____ | called the Celestial Mirror. Even before
| Jupiter Sigil.........._____ | you get the Celestial Mirror you will need
| Onion Knight..........._____ | to have the Cloudy Mirror, getting that is
| Venus Crest............_____ | easy and is outlined in the section for
| Venus Sigil............_____ | Remiem Temple above. With the Cloudy Mirror
| Nirvana................_____ | in hand make your way to the Macalania
| Moon Crest............._____ | Woods. Head to the Save Sphere near the
| Moon Sigil............._____ | lake, the path leading Southeast out of this
| Masamune..............._____ | area will take you to a magic walkway back
| Mars Crest............._____ | to the entrance. When you approach the main
| Mars Sigil............._____ | path up into the trees you will see a woman
| Spirit Lance..........._____ | and child standing there. Speak to both of
| Saturn Crest..........._____ | them to learn the husband/father has gone
| Saturn Sigil..........._____ | missing. Head two maps to the East and then
| Godhand................_____ | go North at the 4-way split. Speak to the
| Mercury Crest.........._____ | man in yellow on the right and he'll say
| Mercury Sigil.........._____ | he's supposed to meet his family. Tell him
| | they're waiting. Now return to the family
o------------------------------o only to find the boy is lost. Head up the
sparkling magic path and go North at the
fork. Speak to the little boy here. When you are prompted to use the Cloudy
Mirror, do it and you obtain the 'Celestial Mirror.' Now you're all set.

Every time you get an ultimate weapon it will always have one sole ability,
the No AP ability making it impossible for you go obtain AP. These weapons
are useless until powered up. To power up each weapon you must first obtain
the weapon, and then the Crest and Sigil that go with it. You may already
have a number of crests in your inventory that you picked up during the game,
the Sigils are far harder to obtain however. Once you have the weapon, crest
and sigil for a particular character, return here to power up the weapon.

Tidus (Weapon) - To get Tidus' ultimate weapon you must first do the Chocobo
Training sidequest with in the Calm Lands. When you reach the fourth race you
must beat the trainer in order to continue. Once this task is complete ride a
Chocobo to the Northwest area of the Calm Lands, you can probably see where to
go on your minimap, it's right up at the top. There's an area being guarded
but you will be allowed to pass, at the bottom of the slope is Tidu's ultimate
weapon the 'Caladbolg.' Now to get the Sun Crest and the Sun Sigil.

Tidus (Crest/Sigil) - If you have following the walkthrough you will already
have the 'Sun Crest' but if not, it can be found in a treasure chest on the
platform where you fought Yunalesca down in the depths of the Zanarkand
Temple. The 'Sun Sigil' is a completely different story. Now you don't just
have to beat the Chocobo Trainer at the fourth level in the Calm Lands, you
have to land a total time of 0.00. This may sound impossible but you quickly
realize that it is not when you take into consideration how much each balloon
lowers your total time. If you collect enough balloons and avoid enough of
the birds you will end up with a total time of 0.00. Now this is by no means
easy, in fact it is extremely hard, but remember despite the thrown
controllers and inevitable curse words, others have done it and you can too.

Wakka (Weapon) - To get Wakka's ultimate weapon the World Champion, you need
to start playing Blitzball. I believe that you must play (and win) a total of
five games of Blitzball before you can fufill the conditions for this weapon.
Once you have the five victories under your belt return to the bar in Luca
where Yuna was kidnapped during the main game and speak to the bartender. If
all goes as planned you will receive Wakka's weapon, the 'World Champion.'

Wakka (Crest/Sigil) - The crest is quite easy to find, go back to Luca and
return to the Aurochs locker room. You can find the 'Jupiter Crest' on the
right hand side. The first prerequisite for getting the sigil is having all
of Wakka's Overdrives unlocked, so this means you have to start playing
Blitzball tournaments until you get them all. Once all Wakka's Overdrives are
under your belt the 'Jupitier Sigil' will randomly become a tournament prize.

Lulu (Weapon) - This isn't much of a pain to get, after completing the Baaj
Temple sidequest return to the central area of water where you fought
Geosgaeno and check underwater for the chest and open it with the Celestial
Mirror. The exact location of it is hidden (keep pressing X while combing the
ground) and it's located if you want an exact location according to your
minimap at the South-South-West side. The chest contains the 'Onion Knight.'

Lulu (Crest/Sigil) - In its simplicity you will find the cursed diffuculty of
obtaining this sigil. The idea sounds easy enough, but in practice it will
test your sanity. You have to head to the Thunder Plains and dodge 200 (two
hundred!) lightning bolts in a row. You will find your eyes going red quickly
after just a few minutes of this, take regular breaks. You are free to pause
the game but you are not free to exit the area or save the game, this must be
done entirely in one run. It certainly helps you have a piece of equipment
with the No Encounters ability on but it still remains extremely difficult.
It's also difficult thinking you dodged 200 when you were actually just off by
a couple, so always aim to overestimate. If you do manage to complete this
arduous task the 'Venus Sigil' can be found in a chest by the travel agency.

Yuna (Weapon) - You may have noticed that the first time you spoke to the man
in the Calm Lands he was quite adamant about you capturing all nine of the
Calm Lands fiends, well do so and he gives you Yuna's weapon, the 'Nirvana.'

Yuna (Crest/Sigil) - Again if you followed the guide, this is already in your
inventory. It can be found within the first half hour of the game, hidden in
a small beach area on the East side of the beach in Besaid. You needto swim
through the water to reach the chest which contains 'Moon Crest.' To get the
sigil simply defeat all of Begemine's Aeons at the Remiem Temple up to and
including the Magus Sisters to receive the 'Moon Sigil.'

Auron (Weapon) - First of all you need to have the Rusty Sword in your
inventory before you can do anything. If you used the walkthrough check your
inventory because you probably already have it, if not then simply head to the
Northeast area of the Calm Lands with the bridges where you fought the
Defender X. Run down into the valley and head down the East path, you will
find the Rusty Sword in the ground between two rock pillars. Now head to the
entrance of Mushroom Rock Road. Go Northeast at the first fork, the first
time you came here you were unable to take this path. If you go North at the
next chance there's a panel to ride to the top, examine the statue of Lord
Mi'ihen and use the Rusty Sword. Now examine the glyph to get the 'Masamune.'

Auron (Crest/Sigil) - Head to the entrance of Mushroom Rock Road but go back a
bit so that you're at the checkpoint between it and the Mi'ihen Highroad.
Take the Southeast path and follow it all the way to the very end to find a
chest with the 'Mars Crest' inside. The sigil is obtained by capturing ten
different enemies in ten different areas and returning to the arena owner at
the Calm Lands. He will reward you with the 'Mars Sigil.'

Kimahri (Weapon) - Kimahri's best weapon is obtained by praying to the green
glowing Qactuar stones in the Thunder Plains. Wait until they glow green and
then press the square button in front of them. Do this for three different
stones and then return to the Southern section. There is a broken tower on
the right, examine it with square to get Kimahri's 'Spirit Lance.'

Kimahri (Crest/Sigil) - The crest is located inside a treasure chest between
the pillars near where you fought Seymour at the top of Mt. Gagazet. It's
just past the third pillar on your left side, in the chest is the 'Saturn
Crest.' Now you may remember from awhile ago that there is a stupid little
minigame in Macalania Woods where you have to catch all the blue butterflies.
Well in order to get the sigil you must successfully complete both of the
butterfly catching games. After completing the second open the chest while
still in the area to obtain Kimahri's 'Saturn Sigil.'

Rikku (Weapon) - Quite simple, just go onto the airship and select the
"Input" option from the command list. Put in the password GODHAND in all
capitols to unlock a secret area of Mushroom Rock Road with the 'Godhand.'

Rikku (Crest/Sigil) - You may have this already, it was the chest at the
bottom of the Western whirlsand in Sanubia Desert in the area where all the
whirlsands are. The chest contains 'Mercury Crest.' To get the 'Mercury
Sigil' you must do the Cactuar Village sidequest (see sidequests section.)


Laziness is nothing more then the habit of resting before you get tired.
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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   Fri Aug 28, 2009 1:01 pm

As you may be already be aware, the fun and exploration of Final Fantasy X
doesn't end where this sidequest section does. If you haven't already touched
on them yourself there are still numerous places of interest including the
Chocobo Training in the Calm Lands, the Battle Arena in the Calm Lands, the
Butterfly Cather in Macalania Woods, the Cactuar Village on Bikanel Island and
the (admittedly detestable) entire sport of Blitzball. Unfortunately these
extras are beyond the scope of this guide whose intent was only to provide a
sound walkthrough and plot summary, but I highly recommend heading over to the
Final Fanasy X section of where every last detail of this
game can be explored through the countless specialized "In-Depth" FAQs for
each of the individual quests.


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PostSubject: Re: Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests   

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Final Fantasy 10 Sidequests
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